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JMS FOUNDATION came into existence to fulfil the dream of Late Sardar Jagmohan Singh, who had a dream of working for the upliftment of the destitute girl child by helping them achieve self-sustainability, confidence, health and education. He lived with a vision to do everything from providing educational and health services to the needy, mainstreaming marginalized girl child and empowering the lives of the underprivileged.

Sardar Jagmohan Singh was the enterprising son of late Sardar Durlabh Singh, a freedom fighter and a doyen among veteran journalists, recognized to date as the man who brought courage and truth to journalism in India and is still a name to reckon with in the Indian Press. 

The father's rare courage and charisma rubbed off on the son's personality and added to his many skills and talents that had enabled his foray successfully into numerous ventures. Having graduated in the profession with the Family's popular Newsweekly - Indian Observer - Sardar Jagmohan Singh contributed numerous articles in various leading daily newspapers on business and politics and remained busy in the field of active journalism, which incidentally translated into a passion for publishing and he came up with the publication of magazine i.e Real Estate Observer and NRI World “Connecting Indian Diaspora”. The NRI World magazine was the first of a kind magazine published to give recognition to NRIs around the world and Later Real Estate Observer Magazine was the first magazine in India, which gave eminence to the realty sector. 


Sardar Jagmohan Singh had an illustrious career in journalism, coupled with the most dynamic performance in several business ventures. He started with the establishment of the “Institute of Sikh Studies'' formed in the year 1975, an organization promoting Sikh Communities around the world. Later in 1977 forming the Shiromani Institute to honour Sikh’s communities around the world. The work of Late Sardar Jagmohan Singh was recognized by the British Government and he was invited by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth to lead a Sikh Delegation for an Exhibition in the United Kingdom which was organized to recognize Sikh’s around the world, wherein Late Sardar Jagmohan Singh met Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles. 


Sardar Jagmohan Singh had a strong connection with the British High Commission in India, as almost every British High Commissioner(s) has recognized his efforts of uniting and promoting Indians around the world. 


Sardar Jagmohan Singh is the pioneer in bringing the Indian Diaspora together; he introduced the very concept of NRI to India and the Global Indian community. Known for his great public relations skills and acknowledged widely for his multiple abilities, Sardar Jagmohan Singh's professional life was a blend of innovation, creativity and success.


Sardar Jagmohan Singh was popular with the world Indian community and recognized by his countrymen for having founded the NRI Institute in Year 1989. The concept was his brainchild and has been running remarkably well over the last 32 years. The NRI Institute over many years of dedicated service initiates the bringing together of Indians and Non-Resident Indians on a common platform to strengthen the relationship between the two. NRI Institute in lieu recognizes Indians around the world for making Indian Proud, started with the exclusive “Bharat Samman Award” to recognize Indians around the world. NRI Institute and the concept of NRI Divas are the original ideas of the gentleman, who had everything that builds bonding between India and Indians overseas. Therein later, the Government of India recognized the potential of NRIs and formed Pravasi Bhartiya Divas. 


Sardar Jagmohan Singh has also hosted several gala dinners and conferences around the world. Among his peers, he was known and called the Unofficial Ambassador of India. 


Sardar Jagmohan Singh, a workaholic, started facing some serious medical problems on the health front and having put up a brave fight breathed last on the 11th of July 2012.

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